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Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time between scheduled visits to the doctor, we know that unfortunately, your child will become ill. Or, after a visit to the clinic, you get home and realize you forgot to ask the doctor or nurse an important question. Any time you have any question about your child’s condition, medication or treatment, we want to help.

Realizing that we cannot answer ALL questions here, we have collected our most frequently asked questions and the answers in addition to the complete Pink Parent Handbook. If the question you have is not covered, you may call the clinic. Your message will go to a clinical staff member who will return your call as soon as possible. The clinical staff member will convey directly to your physician, any questions not of a routine nature.

General Questions

My child needs a prescription refilled, what is your process?
My child needs a refill of ADD/ADHD medication. What do I do?
What is your procedure regarding nurse telephones calls?