Our offices are currently closed. Our after-hours number is 501-373-8588, or click here for a list of emergency numbers.

Our Mission

At Central Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, we believe meeting the healthcare needs of children is more than a chosen profession, it is a high calling.

As such, we consider it a privilege and an honor to play a small role in nurturing an infant into childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood.

We realize every child has his or her own unique set of needs that change as they grow. Whether it’s making sure immunizations are given on time, treating a persistent respiratory infection, managing a chronic illness, performing a school physical or providing educational information on how to stay healthy, each time a child visits our clinic, they are treated as a special person worthy of our time, effort, respect and undivided attention.

Our clinic’s philosophy includes an understanding that visiting the doctor is often a traumatic experience for both parent and patient, especially younger children. Our goal at Central Arkansas Pediatric Clinic is to create a first impression that helps begin your visit on a positive note.

As you and your child walk to an examining room, you’ll notice bulletin boards are adorned with photos of some of our patients. These photos were given to the staff in gratitude for care given and are a reflection of the compassion, concern and love our patients feel when they visit our clinic. In addition, you will see artwork created by our patients in galleries throughout the clinic.