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Whew…it’s finally time to relax! – Don’t kid yourself. The fun has just begun. Your pre-teen and teenager will begin taking on more responsibility and learning to become independent, which is great, but can be trying at first. Be patient and try to remember that you were this age once and probably just as obnoxious and annoying as your adolescent may be at times now. (Deep down, they are still your precious sweet baby.)

For your adolescent child, nutrition and staying physically fit continues to be important as well as emotional support for dealing with peer pressure, puberty and sexual development, and safety issues related to high risk behaviors. CAPC is committed to help guide you and your child through this stage of development.

Below are a few frequently asked questions not specifically covered in the Pink Parent Handbook.

General Questions

How frequently should my adolescent have a check-up?
How long can my child continue to be treated by a pediatrician?
Should my adolescent daughter receive the vaccine for cervical cancer?
Which vaccines are recommended for adolescents?